My presidential ambition not for selfish interest- Atiku


PDP presidential candidate Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has said that his decision to contest was driven by the urgent need to rescue Nigerians especially youths and women who have been subjected to untold hardships by the APC led federal administration in the country.

Atiku stated this yesterday in Yola while addressing the Atiku/Obi Youth Vanguard for Good Governance who converged at the Lamido Cinema, Yola, to endorsed his candidacy for 2019 presidential election.

He urged Nigerian youths and women to see the forthcoming general election as their own project adding that they must vote wisely to better their lives and salvage their future.

He advised them to vote in the PDP and himself in the forthcoming general election, stressing that he understands their problems, has the capacity and team to skilfully address the many economic problems facing them.

“I am not in this race for myself, but for you. If it is for me Alhamdulilahi I thank God for the gift of life. This election is for you Nigerian youths and Women because you constitute 70 percent of Nigeria’s voting population and you have a long way to go.

“You have no jobs, you have no house and lack the basic necessity of life and have been neglected. That is why ‘am in this race to salvage you and 70 percent of my government appointments, if I am elected, will made up of youths and women.

“We will give 40 percent appointments to youths,30 percent to women and the elderly will manage the remaining 30 percent. That is why there is the need to vote massively for the PDP in 2019”, he said.

Further, he slammed the APC led administration headed by President Muhammadu Buhari for failing to fulfil their promises. He also alleged that the APC federal government has been deceiving Nigerians since 2015 with false promises.

“In 2015, they deceived Nigerians including me when the APC promised us job creation, promised to secure and unite the country, improve the economy, but they have failed to fulfil any of their promises. They are a party of deceivers”, he concluded.

According to him, there is the need for the youth not only to come out en masse and vote for the PDP in 2019, but they must also protect their votes and ensure that it counts and their will prevail.

He expressed concern over the plight of the youths in the country, stressing that bringing the APC back to power in 2019 will spell doom and disaster to the youths and the country in general.

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