NADDC strategises to provide electric vehicles

By Adeola Tukuru Abuja

Th e National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC) is strategising with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and other automobles on electrifi cation of vehicle policies in the country, the Director-General, Jelani Aliyu has said.

Th e DG, who dropped this hint this during a courtesy visit by Blueprint Newspapers yesterday in Abuja, stated that the policy must be adapted to fi t the fact that the country needs to provide cheaper vehicles without compromising safety or effi ciency.

According to him, Nigeria needs to begin to live up and begin to look at electrifi cation of vehicles, adding that the industrial revolution has done quite a bit of damage to the environment ” so, some of the newer movements are environmental consciousness and hence the electrifi cation of vehicles for renewal energy type of vehicles.

“We are working with the OEM, BMW, NISSAN, Volkswagen and others to bring them into the country, so that they can impact the passion they have in the foreign countries,” he said.

Th e DG, also challenged the federal government to invest enough resources to make a diff erence, adding that the council is collaborating with the necessary fi nancial and government institutions to see how they can get a fi nancial supports.

Earlier, the Managing Editor, Blueprint Newspapers, Mr Clem Oluwole laudedAliyu’s sense of patriotism for answering the call to return home to drive the nation’s automotive agenda.

“He said: “You’ve returned home on strong reputation and a lot is required of you in implementing federal government’s automotive policy.

Th ose countries that were on the same pedestal with Nigeria have left us behind; like India produces TATA, while South Korea produces Hyundai and Kia, but Nigeria is yet to have a spoke to its name.

“Nigeria’s failure to catch up with its contemporary has to with hostile economic environment and failure of leadership,” he said.


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