NAHCON: Why Mukhtar remains a speck in their eyes

For his inventiveness, for his focus, for tightening the purse, for his insistence on due process, the NAHCON Chairman, Barrister Abdullahi Mukhtar Muhammad, became their nightmare. He bites harder notwithstanding their debasing sentiments aimed at smothering his concentration. He persists in doing the needful for the commission, its staff, the pilgrims, stakeholders and extensively, for the country.

The drama surrounding constant attacks on Barrister Mukhtar’s personality conjures up the image of Lilliputians shooting up their tiny arrows against the giant Lemuel Gulliver in Jonathan Swift’s classic satire, Gulliver’s Travels.  Gulliver seldom talks but deeply reflects, he depicts courage, bravery in taking risks, a smart and creative person who succeeded where others failed. Hundreds of small beings surrounded the gigantic Gulliver, shooting him with their arrows; arrows that are equivalent to needles on his skin. Tied with ropes ironically equivalent to hair strands, Gulliver could not be stopped.

Like Gulliver, multitudes of Lilliputians of our time have for several years been converging with their arrows, shooting at the NAHCON stalwart, but the arrows descend upon his image like needles upon the skin of Gulliver. Yes they may hurt, but only skin deep.  And that is why his focus still remains the same.  

From radio-sponsored programs in Idon Mikiya, Brekete Family, hundreds of faceless posts in the social media and recently an article in Nigerian Tribune, the Lilliputians are yet to exhaust the ploys in their pools. Few months back, an insider revealed that over one hundred persons are jostling for Abdullahi Mukhtar’s chair. And one can be rest assured that among them are those willing to fight dirty to pluck him out of Hajj Commission just to mount the leadership of the establishment, for God knows why.

Desperation can lead to confusion and temporary loss of simple rationality. The latest twist by these Lilliputians is a claim that Mukhtar is usurping the Hajj commission’s chairmanship position, staying on and refusing to vacate his seat after expiry of his tenure in May 24, 2019. After they were awakened from their fantasy with a legal proof of Mukhtar’s tenure extension on acting capacity, they turned to another facade, that the letter is a fake. After finding out that this lie does not sink, they coined another plot. This time, the gist is that the President was misled into believing that the chairman has another tenure whereas both chances have expired. Besides, while other board members have since received their tenure extension letters, some commissioners were exempted unjustly. And this too is the machination of the man they love to hate. It is amazing that some individuals sincerely believe the media propaganda that the presidency’s silence is an attestation of foolery.

Is it not ridiculous that even after these concerned Nigerians exposed Mukhtar’s forgery, the whole presidency, legislative arm of government and other law enforcement agencies remain mute? Do they not decipher their own futile fight against a statute operative who has won the confidence of Nigeria’s leadership? Perhaps they believe Barrister Mukhtar jazzed up everyone through a strong spell and only they are blessed to have decoded the fake letter and the plot in disallowing some persons to proceed as commissioners? Perhaps the nameless writers behind these accusations are people believed to be intelligent, yet allow themselves to be pulled into a meaningless mesh of absurdities orchestrated by self-interested NAHCON job seekers. 

Recall the changing economic and political realities the country is transiting, none of these affected Mukhtar’s vision for the commission. Instead, the NAHCON Chairman dauntlessly digs deeper in search of shock absorbent safety plans that will sustain the commission even if government washes its hands completely off funding of religious activities in the country.  And to the chagrin of those whose torchlight is only to project his failure, NAHCON’s results from impregnable reforms boldly stared back at them. Today, NAHCON under Mukhtar Muhammad is driving infrastructural development from all over Hajj camps in the country, with revenue generation intent. This is beside the comfort of pilgrims, which is the other reason for erecting the buildings. In Abuja, a clinic, event centre are both nearing completion to serve the local community, generate income for the commission, serve pilgrims during Hajj seasons and open up employment opportunities to qualified persons. In Kano, the chairman recently visited the commission’s clinic under construction as well as the 500-bed hotel site designed for the same reasons as earlier stated. Hopefully, Hajj commission will soon be standing on its feet to carry on with the good job in a building owned by it through its own internally generated revenue, a building that will in turn generate revenue to the commission through leasing of surplus offices. 

Mukhtar has spearheaded several policy reforms that would change the face of NAHCON forever. Indeed, with Nigeria’s customary brand of political rivalry, one can be sure that only a few people out of the said hundreds jostling for his seat will be happy he attained these feats. Instead, many will wish to belittle his achievements so as to rubbish his attainment, such that by the time they might have luckily rough rode their way to saddle the NAHCON leadership, they would have succeeded in lowering the bar for themselves. 

This writer recollects that during the last official working visit to Saudi Arabia for signing of 2019 Hajj agreements, the NAHCON chairman repeatedly made some kind of valedictory remarks to different organs of Hajj operatives in the Kingdom declaring that for some of them, this may be the last time they will be heading this team as their tenure will soon be ending. Somehow, anywhere he made this declaration, the hosts replied with such statements like God willing you shall be back to continue with the great job you have started or with the response that God will not make that change possible because there is no need for it for now. Some replied confidently that they are looking forward to working with him, in sha Allah. 

Now God has answered. Feel free to continue fighting God’s resolve.

Usara is with Public Affairs Unit, NAHCON

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