Namadi: Jigawa has got it

Last week, the deputy governor of Jigawa state, Umar Namadi, won the state’s All Progressives Congress (APC) primary election, and has since set to fly the party’s flag as the governorship candidate of the ruling party in the state. Namadi scored 1220 votes to defeat eight other aspirants.

It is sign of good things to come when the head of the election committee, Kabir Ibrahim, and other electoral observers all affirmed
that the election was peaceful and successful.
In his victory speech, Namadi described the election as a historic event for the ruling APC and Jigawa state.

His victory is surely a victory for the people. The humble politician said he was elected not because he was the best-qualified aspirant, but because Allah has destined it to happen that he would be elected as the APC governorship candidate in the 2023 general elections. And what is truer than that, for the man who always puts God first in all his dealings.

The victory of Namadi is the victory for all Jigawa people. I, therefore, appeal to all the contestants to join hand and work for APC
and Namadi in order to come out victorious in the general election.

The humble deputy governor thanked his principal, Gov Badaru for giving him the opportunity to serve under him, acknowledging that Badaru made his election possible, so would always be guided by his teaching and build on the purposeful leadership he had laid the state on.

Namadi, as a professional accountant, had served as Jigawa commissioner for finance between 2015 and 2019 before he was
subsequently elected deputy governor in 2019. This way, he will use his vast experience to lead Jigawa state to greater heights as governor of our dear state.

May I also use this medium to thank the governor of Jigawa state, Muhammad Badaru, for having listened to popular demand. The youth had demanded that Namadi succeeds Badaru. We have got what we want in the ruling party’s primaries. The big task ahead of us is to sustain our support for Namadi in order to win in the general election.

When God decreed that a man will fulfill his destiny before death, it will be done no matter the circumstances. The higher a man’s noble aspiration, the more he encounters opposition and obstacles on his way. But the major obstacle on Namadi’s way has been conquered by winning the APC primaries.

However, I urge all Jigawa people not
relent in their support until he wins in the general elections. Most of the youths in Jigawa state are happy that we all believe in the capability of Namadi to continue with the good works of Governor Badaru.

We feel that a man who had worked with his master for many years would have mastered the ABC of governance and would hit the ground running, all for the benefit of Jigawa people.

The time has come for all Jigawa people, men and women, old and young, to come out openly to support Namadi as the right successor to Governor Badaru. Badaru has played his own role efficiently, and has,
therefore, paid his dues. Now it is time for his loyal subordinate to take over from him. This is the wish of the people. And God has given it to us. Anything short of that will not augur well for Jigawa people. We must not allow opposition party derail the good policies of the APC-led government in our dear state.

The political apprenticeship Namadi received under the able leadership of Badaru is enough to guide him in his job as the governor of Jigawa state. It is undoubtedly true that Namadi is the darling of Jigawa youths. In
modern politics, the youth are the prime movers of electoral processes. If you deal rightly with them, you are in the right path,
if you treat them wrongly, you are in the wrong direction with dire consequences. So, we want Namadi’s campaign team to take note of that.

As a chartered accountant with in-depth knowledge of taxation and how
to absorb the shock emanating from government’s fiscal policies, Namadi’s performance in office will exceed expectations as governor, because he possesses rare managerial qualities which many have openly acknowledged. He will be honest and accountable to the people of Jigawa state if elected governor. And this is only possible if we campaign for him and also come out massively to give him the needed victory.

Unlike most Nigerian politicians who are preoccupied by financial gains and pecks of office as motive for seeking public office, Namadi’s aspiration is mainly to serve the masses; and he will serve them, according to his conscience if given opportunity to do so by his people in 2023.

Governor Badaru will not regret for supporting the man who will be in a position to carry on his noble policies and programmes in order to reap the benefits of sustainability. Namadi is the man who understands Badaru’s policies and programmes and their impacts on the people.

He is the right man who understands the political matrix currently going on in Jigawa state. We need this prudent businessman, and God-fearing public officer in our polity.

Kaugama writes from Dutse, Jigawa state.

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