NASFAT missioner receives doctorate degree in commerce

Chief Missioner Nasrul -L-lahi Fathi Society (NASFAT) (Abuja branch) Mallam Sharafdeen Aliagan has received a doctorate degree award in Commerce and Enterprises Development from the Institute for Commerce Research and Enterprises Development (ICRED).

The cleric, while speaking to journalists weekend after receiving the award in Abuja, said he could now speak with authority and principles of commerce and enterprises for the growth and well-being of humanity.

He opined that the insecurity and other economic challenges bedeviling the nation are as a result of non-availability of sustainable economic plans by the policy makers.

He charged other clerics as ambassadors of Islam to always seek more knowledge to remain relevant and be authority on socio-economic matters that affect humanity to guide the Muslim Ummah.

“This is a plus to my life. I must say that I’m highly honoured. I’m excited because this will in no little way contribute to my life and I will also be able to impact whatever knowledge I have acquired from this to the service of humanity.

“One thing we need to understand in this country is sustainability. All the problems we are having around – the kidnapping, the insurgency, the banditry, boils down to unavailability of sustainability. Until we are able to sustain our population, we may not have the expected rest. Until every mouth in this country is able to feed itself; what we need to do is to teach people how to trade, how to go into investment and how to be self employed. By these, they will create a kind of sustainability for themselves. A hungry man is an angry man. If we continue to wage war against them and fail to provide sustainability, the problem will still be lingering and that is my understanding.

“I have been awarded and certified as a successful PhD holder on Commerce and Enterprises Development. As a cleric or religious leader, we should always struggle to be relevant, to get more exposed, to get more educated, that will help our office and professionalism. That will help us to have more sense of belonging.

“When you are delivering lectures and talking to people, you have to be current. You have to be promoted in terms of education and otherwise. So, an Imam in Islam is expected to be an all rounder; have knowledge of every important aspect of human life. You will be able to talk to people to convince them to know what is good for them,” he said.

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