NASFAT warns on consequences of drug abuse

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Nasrul-Lahi-L-Fatih Society (NASFAT) commemorating the international Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking has warned youth and the general public of the inherent dangers of drug abuse.

NASFAT chief missioner, Imam Morufu Onike Azeez, while speaking at a webinar to mark the day said, Islam enjoins us to run away from whatever will distort our thinking ability, adding that drug abuse could lead to high possibility of eventually ruining one’s life and long lasting health consequences that may continue after stopping the hard drug consumption habit.

“People suffering from drug and alcohol addiction also have higher risk of unintentional injury accidents and domestic violence incidents. You need to preserve your brain. When you take tramadol, cocaine etc you will not be able to take hold of your brain. Our religion encourages the preservation of our brain, ” he said.

NASFAT president who was represented by Alhaji Ayodeji AbdulRauf said drug abuse affects every segment of the society and NASFAT is concerned.

“It has become a priority for NASFAT, particularly the youth. By organising such event today, people who want to leave drug abuse are encouraged. The Quran has made it clear to shun intoxicants and gambling so that you may succeed.”

The theme speaker, former director-general, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) and member Presidential Advisory Committee on Eradication of Drug Abuse (PACEDA), Otunba Lanre Ipinmisho, decried the prevalence of substance abuse, saying that one out of four women abuse drugs.

“And you know what women means to each family. They are the heart of the family and Nigeria. Substances abuse keeps increasing. Youth who are on drugs are now everywhere,” he said.

He called for concerted efforts by all to ensure the eradication of substance abuse in the country.

“If we are all as serious as NASFAT, this type of programme should be organised regularly to educate our members.

Every type of drug you take will lead you to perdition. Please resist it by all the energy in you. If you are properly brought up, people would like to be like you. Do not near it. It is a devil’s idea to destroy you.”

He added that very soon, employment into any MDA will be subject to drug test.

A consultant psychiatrist, Lagos State Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Dr Azizat Lebimoyo said, “Nowadays, our youth experiment with these drugs. But, the so called relief they get from drug is short lived contrary to what people think. These drugs have more negative consequences than good,” she said, adding that drug abuse itself can lead to depression.

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