NASS election: Jonathan, wife not backing me, APC candidate declares

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in Bayelsa state has asked the PDP government in the state to focus on how to redeem its fast declining image and stop creating distractions for the APC with their unsubstantiated allegations that former President Goodluck Jonathan was backing its candidate for the Ogbia Federal Constituency in the forth coming elections.

The APC candidate for the Ogbia federal constituency in the House of Representatives, Chief Samuel Ogbuku said in a statement made available in Abuja yesterday that the insinuation that the former President and his wife were backing his candidacy were baseless and aimed at creating distractions for the APC.

Chief Ogbuku said while the APC respects the former first family, there was nothing to suggest his support for the party, pointing out that the PDP was being haunted by its decision to impose candidates on the people the area.

The statement reads: “It has come to our knowledge of some recent publications sponsored by the so called PDP Restoration Government of BayeIsa State using a faceless group, Ogbia Renaissance and Stakeholders in BayeIsa State, ostensibly with the aim of distracting the APC family in Ogbia Local Government.

“In the said publication, it was alleged that former President Goodluck Jonathan and wife were involved in anti-party activities by supporting members of other political parties particularly the APC candidate for Ogbia Federal Constituency, Chief Samuel  Ogbuku all PDP candidates, except the PDP Presidential candidate.

“Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have dignified such infantile vituperation with a response, but to out the records in proper perspectives. The age long antics of the current Restoration Government shows that whenever they cry wolf, they have hatched and perfected a heinous and devilish plan to unleash terror and such other devious machinations against the people of BayeIsa State. We will constantly be on the watch out to checkmate them promptly by exposing their malfeasance. 

“It is well known that this Restoration Government thrives on selling dangerous and divisive propaganda especially when it comes to the affairs of Ogbia. One wonders why it would want to destroy Ogbia bearing in mind that it is Ogbia that installed this Government. It is on  record that   no other Local Government PDP chapter  is as fractious  and factionalised as the PDP in Ogbia and this is at the behest of the Restoration Government.

“The Restoration Government’s  imposition of unsuitable candidates on the people of Ogbia  for all the elective  positions in the forthcoming elections is the  sole cause of the current apathy within Ogbia P.D.P, and the Ogbia people have vowed to reject them at the polls. Their fall is indeed irredeemable. Now they are introducing another dimension by dragging the APC into their macabre dance of shame. 

“We suspect that these publication are aimed at making APC members distracted and complacent while the Restoration PDP government perfects its rigging strategies to impose their stooges on the Ogbia peoplecausing disaffection between the APC in Ogbia and former President Goodluck Jonathan by making him believe these publications are being orchestrated by the APC to embarrass him at the national level.

“Let it be so expressly stated that we of the APC respect former President Goodluck Jonathan not only  as the political leader and father of Ogbia Kingdom, but as a true son of BayeIsa State .  We know him to be the leader of PDP. Neither he nor his wife has renounced PDP and none has pledged support for any APC candidate in Ogbia Kingdom since there is no alliance between the two parties at whatever level of contest. That is why we are particularly bemused at the link of the former first family to our House of Representatives candidate.
“It is repugnant to the APC watching such tirades, vituperations and innuendoes thrown at the person of former President Goodluck  Jonathan and his family. The APC therefore warns these unholy agents of divisiveness, disaffection and destabilization to desist from their fabricated propaganda and face reality by engaging in issue based campaign, and find ways of salvaging their fast sinking political ship.

“Therefore, we are using this medium to urge all APC members in Ogbia not to be distracted by such frivolous publication. We will rather encourage our members to focus on our peaceful campaign so far and work harder towards winning all election at the various levels.

“We are further urging all Ogbia people to be watchful and vote out all the agents of division and oppression  sponsored by the Restoration PDP who have been directed by their paymaster to humiliate the political Leaders of Ogbia and denigrate the personage of  former President Goodluck  Jonathan, and further destroy the bond of brotherhood of the Ogbia people.    

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