A houseful of people
Dancing, winning and dinning
But how long would these last
A week, months or years

Why moon not stagnant like pond?
Lightening can be so frightening
But its light is colourful!

I see birds while they flies
Some fly to hurt flies
Butterfly flies to suck and
hover flower’s nectar
Especially when it’s ripe

Why onions get fresh while
Unfolding its layers?
Could  strive make one burly
And hearty?
What about the hard luck one?

If water is natural to duck
I just want to drink and bath
Anytime am thirsty
But my attention is drawn to
Scarcity of water
Across globe however
Some species inhabit in water

Inequality in nature
Various types of species
Variety in shape, structure, colour ,size
Quality and quantity
Should be helpful to one and others
but my fingers are not equal!

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