NCAA re-issues AOC to Overland Airways

In the ongoing re-certification of all the nation’s airlines, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has re-issued an Air Operator’s Certificate to Overland Airways.
The acting director general of NCAA, Engineer Benedict Adeyileka who presented the document to the airline in Lagos said the carrier had successfully undergone the process and met with the necessary requirements.

Adeyileka said the airline submitted the Pre-Application Statement of Intent (PASI), formal application, as well as document evaluation manual adding the its (airline’s) training was inspected and approved before it was cleared to proceed to the next phase.
“The base inspection and successful evacuation demonstration were conducted. Demonstration plan was approved while the flight demonstration was done for 50 mandatory hours as demo hours,” he added.

Adeyileka who commended the airline for its “tenacity” during the exercise said NCAA would continue to support and help the domestic airlines grow in their operations.

“Our doors are open; as the regulatory authority we are here to listen to you and provide you with solutions when you involve us in your challenges. However, we have zero tolerance to non-compliance to our regulations. We cannot compromise safety and security. Our processes have been modified. If you have any misgiving concerning our regulations you are free to interact with us.

“Some portions of the regulation can be reviewed and amended but it has to pass through a process. It has to be suitable for the airlines’ growth propensity but it must not jeopardize safety,” said Adeyileka.

Responding, the chief executive of the carrier, Capt. Edward Boyo said the AOC “is the basis of the airlines’ existence” and expressed appreciation to NCAA and assured that the airline would not compromise safety.
“We are proud to say we enjoy working with them. It was a tough road to traverse due to the professionalism of the certification team; however, it was well worth it at the end. Overland is a safety consciousness organization,” said Boyo.

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