NCC pledges moresanction over poor QoS

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has restated that it would continue to put pressure on telecom operators to provide effective service delivery to customers in the country.

Executive Vice Chairman of NCC, Dr. Eugene Juwah, made the pledge in a message to the 62nd edition of the NCC Consumer Outreach Programmeheld in Kaduna.
Represented by the Deputy Director, Consumer Affairs, Mr. Femi Atoyebi, Juwah said the commission would sanction any service provider for unapprovedincrease in tariff and poor services.

He dismissed the worries expressed that the use of mobile phones has adverse effect on the health of users, saying the claim had noscientific basis.
“There has not been any scientific proof that radiation from mobile phones is harmful to the health of subscribers,” he said.
According to him, all telecommunication masts have recommended heights, to which the commission always ensured strict complianceto prevent harmful radiation from getting down to human beings and animalsaround.

“As it is now, for someone to be affected by radiationfrom masts, that person must have climbed the mast naked.
If such radiation is so harmful, all the people in United State of America would have died, becausethey have been using it a long time ago,” he said.
He said the consumer outreach programme was aimed at bringing together telecom service providers to address some of the challengesof their subscribers.
“It is an avenue to rub minds on issues developingwithin the telecom industries. We give opportunity to the customers to have avoice to ask many questions, and it is a forum for the commission to also make enquiries and if possible make suggestions on how to move the industry forward,” he added.

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