NCC should monitor online loan firms

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Recently, a lady from an online loans company called my line and asked if one Mr. Thomas was my brother.

However, her call became second since I have had a similar call from a different online lending company long ago to ask about the same person.

I wanted to know what the problem was. The lady in question who was talking as a parrot said “so he is your brother” and she went straight to threaten that if I don’t want problem, I should tell Thomas to bring back the money he is owing them. According to her, Thomas has collected a loan from her company and didn’t want to pay back.

I wanted to explain to the lady that I don’t know the Thomas in question and this is the second time I am getting this kind of call from different persons to tell me about this same person I don’t know.

Being an investigative journalist that has been helping to recover money from scammers for their victims and most especially hearing the name Thomas for the second time and associating me with him, I wanted to see if I can help but the lady did not allow me to talk.

I had to end her call. The same parrot called with different other numbers to issue threats as if I am Thomas, as if I sent Thomas to collect loan from her, as if when Thomas came for the loan she called me and I confirmed that Thomas was my brother and agreed to stand for him as a guarantor.

I am making this public to call the attention of the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) and other relevant bodies to investigate the legality of the online companies that issue loans to those who go to them but call different people to harass.

Many online loan lending companies had extorted many persons in the name of loan. They give you loan and make you pay an exorbitant fee as interest. Yet, people go to them for loans! What a pity!

You cannot call when someone comes to you seeking loan to confirm what he told you about me before giving him the loan but you can call to harass me when the loan collector did not payoff the loan collected. Are you not stupid?

Awunah Pius Terwase,
Mpape, Abuja.
[email protected]

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