NDLEA calls for establishment of drug-free clubs in schools

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has urged relevant
stakeholders to establish drug-free clubs in schools to assist in the
fight against drug misuse and abuse especially among youths.

NDLEA State Commander in Ebonyi, Alhaji Musa Adoro, made the Wednesday at the Federal Government Girls College Ezzamgbo, Ebonyi
during a sensitisation workshop for the students to mark the 2019
International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, noting
that youths are the future of any nation.

Adoro noted that the drug-free clubs would ensure that students of
secondary schools and higher institutions especially are directly
involved in the fight against drug abuse.

“The clubs will be interfacing with the NDLEA in this fight as we
provide support such as tutorials, provision of relevant information
through pamphlets on drug abuse among other interventions.

“We target schools because students are vulnerable members of the
society who should be protected from drug abuse to secure the future
of the country.

“Students are susceptible to stealing money from their parents among
others to purchase illegal drugs as they are also swayed by peer
influence at such stage.

He noted that the agency pays adequate attention to students of both
genders though statistics show that boys are more involved in drug
usage and abuse.

“Many factors have been adduced for the male’s more involvement in
drug trafficking and abuse which include pressure of work to cater for
their homes.

“They therefore seek extra energy and motivation to perform optimally
and therefore engage in drug abuse, detrimental to them and the

NDLEA Deputy State Commandant in Charge of
Operations and Logistics, Mr Ibrahim Bashir, called on the Federal Government (FG) during
his lecture, to ban the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol in the

“Alcohol and cigarettes are ‘get ways’ to hard drug consumption and
when people are no longer intoxicated by taking them, they resort to
hard drugs.

“Students should not emulate their parents or other relatives who
consume these items or feel that such items can help in solving their
emotional problems,” he said.

He advised the students not to be swayed by peer influences to consume
hard drugs such as cannabis sativa, tramadol, codeine (cough syrup),
cocaine among others.

“Consult your teachers whey you have issues with your academics and do
not depend on drugs to solve such problems.

“You can also misuse drugs by not abiding to instructions by doctors
on the consumption of prescribed drugs,” he said.

The school’s Principal, Mrs Rachael Onyekwum, thanked the NDLEA for
organising such workshops in the school and pledged to complement its
efforts by advising its students on the dangers of hard drugs.

Onyekwum represented by Mrs Ifeyinwa Odunukwe, Vice Principal in
Charge of Administration, advised the students to take their studies
seriously in order to succeed in life.

A Student of the institution, Miss Adaobi Favour, thanked the NDLEA
for the workshop and urged the government to enforce stringent
measures on the manufacturers or producers of hard drugs.

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