Need for a 2nd pedestrian bridge at Area 3 Junction Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) is the pride, gem and cynosure of this great nation, Nigeria. It is also Nigeria’s centre of unity. The outside world, especially foreigners and visitors to the country perceive Nigeria, via only two, main Nigerian cities: Lagos and Abuja.

Based on  this fact, incumbent and indeed   incoming administrations, should strive to put developmental structures and safety gadgets in place, in the city, at all times, so as to make the FCT a better and safer place for us all to live in, work in, and carry out our business in.The FCT and the city of Abuja, were established by decree on  February   5, 1976. 

The same decree  established the Federal Capital  Development Authority (FCDA) charged with planning, designing   and coordinating the growth of   the  territory. The first Head of   state to move to Abuja was General Ibrahim Babangida, who formally moved the seat of government from Lagos to Abuja on December 12, 1991.

The FCT is administered by a minister, who is also the head of the FCDA. The   current minister of the FCT is Mallam Mohammed Bello. It also has a Minister of State, Hajiya Ramatu Tijani. Now,  the Area 3   Junction in Abuja has a particular peculiarity.

 A lot of commercial activities take place around the venue. About 3-4 garages exist in one part of the area, where passengers board vehicles to different destinations. Not a few shopping plazas replete with daily business activities abound around the said vicinity. Also, the Area 3 Junction links a popular spot in   Area 3, where as many as 7-9 commercial banks have their corporate branch offices.                                       

On account of all these; a lot of vehicular and human activities goes on daily at the said spot. Throes and multitudes of citizens, rather sadly, cross the motor road at Area 3 Junction, on a daily basis, because they want to get from one section of the junction to another.

This has become the cause of many tragic accidents, frequent infuriating traffic congestions, as well as loitering around motor roads within the said area. Very often, motor cars and vehicles that ply the said motor road on the said area, are always speeding.

There are no speed bumps on any section(s) of the said road. Measures put in place to compel pedestrians to use the pedestrian bridge around the former NYSC office, appears to be futile, as citizens are neglecting using the said bridge provided for them. Thus, now and again, individuals scampering across the motor road, at Area 3 Junction is a common sight.                                

This is why there is a need for a second pedestrian bridge around the junction (Area 3). A pedestrian bridge already exists near ariea One, at the former NYSC office. Commuters and passengers  however hardly use the said pedestrian bridge.

This is because it is a little bit aloof from the spot where people converge, and where many commercial activities take place in the said Area 3 Junction. At such a time like this, when the world economies are running on low budgets and nations and cities are reducing cost of governance (because of the raging Covid-19 pandemic), constructing a pedestrian bridge in any part of Abuja city center is sure to strain   the financial resources of the FCT  authorities. 

Money spent on such a project however and other similar projects at any point in time, will go a long way in making the nation’s ‘gem city’ a lovely and safe ‘haven’ for many. Human life is sacrosanct and valuable.

Thus, whatever is put in place in way of developmental   infrastructure, and modern   amenities by incumbent and incoming administrations of the FCT/FCDA, with a view of making Abuja a safer and better place for all of us to ‘roam’ about in, will be an initiative that we the citizens of Nigeria operating around this axis will immensely appreciate.   

 Patrick Adaofuoyi [email protected]

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