Need to avoid reckless driving in rainy season

It is no longer news that ghastly road accidents have led to the death of many people which could be attributed to improper driving in rainy season. You may find out that the number of accidents that are being recorded, the major factor that causes it is driving in a wet weather full of negligence to safety precautions. This is because, when accident occurs you would observe that it is a resultant effect of driving by exceeding speed limit when it’s raining.

However, driving in the rain, whether a sprinkle or a heavy downpour, can be one of the most difficult driving situations which some if not all drivers encounter. Rainy conditions are directly associated with higher accident rates. No matter what part of the country you live in, it is almost certain that you would be required to drive your vehicle in the rain at some point.

Knowing how wet roads and reduced visibility affect your vehicle will help you drive safely in rainy conditions.

More so, drivers should be reminded that reducing their speed limit and turning on their headlamps are two of the simplest and most effective ways of reducing the chances and prospect of an accident caused by wet weather.
However, it is important to maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the car in front of you. Stopping your vehicle will be more difficult when driving in the rain. Maintain a distance of several car lengths between your car and another.

Regarding car equipment, make sure that your car’s equipment is in working order before encountering rainy weather. Check your headlights, taillights, and windshield wipers to make sure that they will work efficiently when they are needed. Also, check the tread of your vehicle’s tyres. Balding tyres can severely reduce traction on wet roadways.

Furthermore, most states require drivers to turn on their vehicles’ lights while driving in the rain. Even if it is only misting, turning on your vehicle’s headlights will increase both your visibility and other drivers’ ability to see your car on the road.

Conclusively, concerning the above driving etiquettes, while raining, drivers both private and commercial ones should whack their possible best to meticulously ensure that they follow all driving instructions provided to them to prevent the risk of being crushed.

Staying safe while driving in the rain is simple if you make a conscious effort to employ these safety precautions.

Mallam Musbahu Magayaki,
Sabon Fegi, Azare.
Bauchi state
[email protected]