NEMA, help Kogi flood victims

For us in Kogi state, this season is not the best of times given the magnitude of devastations caused by flood disasters across communities in the Confluence State.

Thousands of people have been displaced from their homes by the floods that have been ravaging many parts of the state.

No fewer than nine local government areas in the state have been affected by the disaster.

Hectares of cultivated farmlands have been submerged by floods across communities in the state.

Victims of the flood disasters are now taking refuge in camps and makeshift structures across the state with many of them lacking access to basic amenities.

Amongst the local government areas worst affected include Ibaji, Kogi (Kotonkarfe) and Lokoja,the state capital.

Women and children are the most affected categories of people in this kind of humanitarian crisis.

Many of these victims only managed to escape to safety and were unable to evacuate their valuables including food stuff.

A number of these victims are in dire need of food, shelter and other basic necessities of life.

In view of the plights of these victims,I wish to call on the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to collaborate with the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disasters Management to find ways of bringing immediate succour to the victims.

Items such as food stuff, mattresses, mosquito nets, buckets, soap, towels and hygiene items are very crucial to the well-being of the displaced people.

Well meaning Nigerians and organisations should also play their parts in bringing succour to these flood disasters at this trying time.

Omachonu Isaac,

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