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What’s the first thing you do when you wake up most mornings? Especially on days when you don’t need to get up in a rush to get your day started? I know what you do, just like a large percentage of people do, including myself, grab that phone and get on the internet.

As much as we hate to admit it, social media as a whole has impacted on our lives in more ways than we care to admit.


As humans, we like to think that we are largely in control and in charge of our day to day activities, yet most of what we do and what goes on, how we feel and view things, are significantly influenced by those around us, in this case social media, which is as a result of our attachment to our phones, which serves not just as a great source of news, but as a source of entertainment, learning, business, meeting people/networking.

The pictures and stories posted on Instagram do a lot in provoking all kinds of emotions in one’s heart.

I have seen pictures/posts that have made me feel so nostalgic.

I’d wished for things that have long gone by, I’ve cried just seeing some, I’ve felt my heart swell with the feeling of patriotism, rage, fear, you name it.

Instagram’s got you.

In the weeks to come, you’ll understand better as I’ll be sharing with you a few of such posts.

Boredom and its positive benefits… When we are left with nothing to do, or we feel a lack of interest, lack of enthusiasm, weariness and sluggishness, then we know for sure boredom has set in, and it’s not a good feeling.

Aside from the restlessness, it makes you feel like something is missing.

So, why then would boredom have a positive benefit, right? I know, it was my exact question.

According to scientific research, boredom not only has a downside, but can have positive benefi ts.

For example: * That feeling of boredom can lead to self-discovery: Being bored can push you to look within yourself, reflect and discover things about yourself and your environment that you may have overlooked during those busy, overworked days.


* Helps to boost creativity: The urge to get out of that state of boredom can lead you to discover new, creative and more innovative ways of getting things done.


* Discovering new hobbies and interests: If you use the extra energy and time you have when you’re bored to try a new activity, you’ll not only enjoy your time, but there’s always that possibility of learning something new, interesting and beneficial.


* Creates Mindfulness: This entails the practice of focusing one’s awareness entirely on the present moment.

Makes you aware of things you’d ordinarily have overlooked.

For me, boredom is just the soul being hungry and craving for something new and different, and it’s not so bad, until you let yourself drown in it.

You see, I hardly ever get bored.

Don’t be bored, see you next week.

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