New Kano emirates a good omen

Emir Sanusi

The recent attempt to split of the Kano emirate council into five distinct entities, as far as rural dwellers are concerned, is a welcome development and a positive step in the right direction. More emirates mean more development across all the nooks and crannies of the state. The hitherto retrogressive idea of concentrating everything in Kano City alone which has been in practice for long has never been a noble idea and I believe those who are opposing the recent move are either uninformed or ignorant about the whole concept.

For emphasis, apart from Kano City, all the other big and historical towns like Rano, Gaya, Takai, Karaye, Danbatta, Tsakuwa, etc, are mere glorified villages that look like medieval fiefdoms in this 21st century. How can villages be equal stakeholders in the development trajectory of Kano, given that the system in operation favours only one area?

It was like Kano had been consciously programmed to remain a one city state, because other towns and villages were deliberately underdeveloped. There were no conscious efforts to spread developments to all locations, and based on that lopsided arrangement, even our aged and elderly parents have to go to Kano City to access basic amenities; never mind the difficulties attached to that venture. The advantages attached to the decentralization of Kano emirate, by far, outweigh the disadvantages, if any.

So, I urge people to support the move by the Kano state government. By this development, it is hoped that the era whereby one city lorded over other towns in the state would become history. Aside that, having more emirates will be an advantage whenever the idea of creation of more state arises. We must note that the move apart from bringing more development and correcting the many historical wrongs would usher in financial inclusion and economic prosperity in the state. In addition, the current rural-urban mass migration will be checkmated. Government will be closer to the people and security of lives and property can be enhanced.

Kabir Tsakuwa,


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