Nexford varsity to build nextgen schools in Nigeria

Nexford University US has set aside four million dollars in its quest to build a next-generation university with artificial intelligence technology for Nigerian students. The US-based institution’s project is aimed at building a learning experience that bridges the gap between higher educations the global work-place needs.
“We, as founders, believe that lack of education remains the single largest cause of most world challenges. Our mission is to enable greater social and economic mobility across the world, through education. We are determined to create an innovative learning experience with student interests at the forefront, one that better prepares students for today’s workplace,” Fadl Al Tarzi, CEO, Nexford University, said. The investor base includes angel investors from across the world, representative of the startup’s global ambitions. Investors include Magnify Ventures, which itself is a startup, in addition to angel investors from New York, Dubai, Cairo, Geneva and London. The seed investment will be used to build the university’s underlying technology which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer students a personalised, engaging and yet affordable learning experience. This phase also includes designing and building a curriculum from scratch, based on global employer needs. Specific details are yet to be disclosed; however the university has indicated that Nigeria, Egypt, and Philippines will be among their primary markets. Students in these markets face severe shortage in high quality yet affordable American universities. Nexford University’s newly appointed country ambassador for Nigeria, Olamidun Majekodunmi, indicated that this is a welcomed development towards more higher education success stories emerging from the continent


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