NFAN poised to bridge fish deficit in Nigeria

National Fish Association of Nigeria

The National Fish Association of Nigeria (NFAN) has pledged promised that it will bridge the deficit gap in the fisheries sub sector.
This is even as it elects new national executives with Otunba Emiola Gabriel Ogunsanya, as the president.
Speaking after his inauguration as president of the association in Abuja, Ogunsanya, said the association is ready to work with the government to achieve self sufficiency on fisheries.
He also pledged his support for all government policies and programmes aimed at accelerating food production.
According to him, with the cooperation of all fisheries associations in the formation of NFAN, the body will address all the challenges confronting the sub sector.
He called for the support of all the stakeholders in the industry to move the fisheries sub sector forward.
Otunba Ogunsanya also called on the new executives to take proactive measures towards moving the sector to a greater height.

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