Ngige begins consultations, says Igbo presidency not out of place

Former governor of Anambra state and Minister of Labour and Employment, Chris Ngige, said he has embarked on consultations across the country on his presidential ambition ahead of 2023 general elections.

Ngige, who stormed the Eagles Square, venue of APC national convention Sunday afternoon, in a long convoy, branded with his picture, said he was at the place as party of his consultations move.

Speaking with newsmen when approached, the former governor said said Igbo presidency in 2023 not out of place.

When asked whether he has presidential ambition, the minister said: “I am still consulting. You can see, I consulted some people here now. I consulted the big and the small. In those vehicles are the some people too.”

When asked for his comment on Igbo’s presidency in 2023, Ngige said: “It’s not a call that is out of place. I want Nigeria to be one country and I want the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which says that you do a federal reflection of Constituents of the country in appointments, in positions, in government at all levels, in agencies at all levels to make people feel that they belong, their loyalty and patriotism. It’s even in the preamble of the Nigerian Constitution.”

On some South-westerners seeking the APC ticket, Ngige said once the party zone the presidency to the South, some leaders of the party will meet to determine where the ticket will go.

“No, this democracy. I like the word they are appealing to them. Appealing is part of the discussions, dialogue and you can’t shut anybody out. So if by our party mood, conventions and practice the presidency comes down to the South, then the Southern leaders will discuss. I am one of the southern leaders.”

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