NGL tasks Buhari to obey rule of law

The New Generation Leadership (NGL), has advised President Muhammad Buhari to obey key tenets of democracy by respecting the rule of law, judicial independence, due process, as well as political and media freedom.

“General Buhari should be worried that some sections of the country and the international communities are scoring his regime low and thus should refrain from actions that could further turn the country into a laughing stock in the comity of democratic nations”, the youth group said in a statement.

The statement was released by Secretary of the group, Mr Adedayo Adegbayibi against the backdrop of happenings in Nigeria and the recent reaction of Punch Newspaper.

The group saud that it was a shame for the Nigerian government to be referred to as a military dictatorship in a democracy.

“The New Generation Leadership is openly condemning this regime’s actions and assaults on the courts, disobedience of court orders, arbitrary detention of citizens and violation of rights.

“Attacks on citizens, press, courts and the civic society , including self-determination groups lawfully exercising their inalienable rights to peaceful dissent are not in tandem with democratic norms, as citizens are supposed to enjoy unfettered freedoms guaranteed by the constitution and the rule of law, including the freedom to speak freely and assemble peacefully.

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