NGO assists 165, 000 women with micro-credit facility


The Development Exchange Centre (DEC) said it has assisted over 165, 000 women in different parts of the country with microcredit facility last year.
Executive Director of the NGO, Mrs Titi Yakubu, disclosed this in a press statement issued to our correspondent yesterday in Bauchi where she added that, aside from the microcredit, the organisation had also intervened through social service activities in 243 across the nation.
According to her, DEC was established in 1985 with the objective of empowering the womenfolk and assisting them in the areas of economy, health care and education so that they could accomplish their optimum potentials like their male counterparts.
She explained that great women like late Queen Amina of Zazzauemirate, Fumilayo Ransome Kuti and Mary Mitchell, remained heroines, role models and source of inspiration to all women in Nigeria in view of their sacrifices towards the course of the womenfolk.
“Queen Amina was known as a fierce warrior who fought strongly to ensure equality, Kuti advocated women’s rights to vote in 1947 while Mary Slessor was famous for struggling to ensure that the killing of twins was abolished in the country,” she said.
She also congratulated all Nigerian women on the occasion of the international women’s day which was marked last week, saying the day was set aside to raise awareness of all stakeholders on the need to address all forms of violence against women.
“DEC is pressing forward and expanding its reach beyond the 20 states it occupies and reaching to more women with social services such as in health, governance, girlchild education and livelihood skills to women.
Today, it is calling on all friends, DEC staff , partners, clients and benefi ciaries to support this global revolution by pressing forward for progress,” she said.


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