NGO canvasses indigenous production of clean cooking stoves

As part of solutions to address the problem of indoor pollutant on health and environment, a non-governmental organisation, Connected Development (CODE) has called on the federal government to localise the production of Clean Cook Stoves to create employment for the teaming youths in Nigeria.
In addition to employment generation the organisation also vehemently beliefs that localising the manufacturing of these stoves will further enhance market mechanisms and ensure sustainability.

The federal government recently released N9.2 billion for the purchase and distribution of clean cook stoves to 10 million women, particularly those in rural areas to mitigate the effects associated with traditional cooking methods across the country.
Chief Executive of CODE, HamzatLawal, while making the call during a media roundtable held in Abuja, lauded the government for initiating the intervention fund to curb the number of estimated deaths caused by the continuous use of orthodox cooking system.

‘’We have young people who manufacture local stoves for distribution, why are we not empowering these young entrepreneurs to scale-up their designs and production so that these stoves can be used effectively rather than importing them?’’ he asked.
Lawal said this situation reinforces the need for the National Assembly to pass the Climate Change Bill that seeks the establishment of a Commission to superintend over these initiative and other related issues.
He assured that his organisation will as part of her responsible collaborate with the federal ministry of Environment to ensure the successful implementation of this exercise.

‘’Part of the outcome of this project would ensure that we have adequate information to inform policymakers on citizens demand,’’ Lawal said. ‘’So, if citizens are demanding that government should channel funds for local utilisation and production of these stoves then the government is left with no option.’’
The enthusiastic rights campaigner describes 2015 as an important year globally, and urged Nigerians to leverage on the forthcoming general elections to demand for the social change in the nation.

Monitoring and evaluation expert, OludotunBabayemi, while remarking at the event hinted that CODE has been nominated amongst other stakeholders to monitor the funds and ensure transparency in the implementation process.
Babayemi urged Nigerians to see this initiative as an opportunity to hold leaders accountable to provide their needs and ensure an eco-friendly environment for all.