NGO seeks end to violence against women, children

A non governmental organisation, Amazon Healing For and Children Empowerment Initiative (AHWOCEI), has called for an end to against and children in the country.
The Executive Director of the NGO, Esther Gwamna made the call yesterday during the flag off of the AHWOCEI, in Keffi, Nasarawa state.

She expressed worry that cases of abuse against and children in the country are on the increase, calling on all parties to partner towards ending the menace.

“As we sit here, and as each day passes by, army of rapist and pedophiles are on the march. A hot and hungry catastrophic March which leaves several abused women and children on the path they follow. Those who are lucky to survive are nicknamed victims by the society. While those who are not lucky will be six feet bellow – aside those forced in to the family way at the early stage.

“Distinguished guests, time is against us to safe many. It was against us yesterday. It is today. The moment compels us to unclench our fists and stretch a hand to lift those people who no longer trusts anyone or feel loved by the society which did not protect them.

“It will interest you to know that all of us are sitting at the door step to the larger room where these dastardly acts have become common place, and even sometimes awarded medals, owing to the conspiracies of silence in high places. Cases of rape and child abuse in Keffi and environs need urgent action by well meaning Nigerians to address it”.

Also speaking, the Executive Director of Savannah Centre for Diplomacy Democracy and Development (SDDD), Abdullahi Omaki, called on parents to discipline their children and teach them right values.

He said women and children need protection from all and should not be turn into objects of abuse.

“This country need good people. We must team up with government and make it a better place. All of us have a role to play and we must start contributing now”.

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