NGO trains Islamic scholars to preach on corruption

The Just Foundation, a known Governmental Organizations ( NGO) of Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society trains religious leaders on the significance of preaching corruption on the pulpits in order to encourage accountability and transparency through faithbased intervention.
The Executive Director of the foundation, Imam Fuad Adeyemi, in an interview yesterday in Kaduna said, the aim of the training was to educate Islamic scholars on the need to remind people of the effect and dangers of corruption at sermons, especially those held on Fridays.
“Muslim clerics have been enrolled and trained into the foundation’s anti corruption project so as to empower, strengthen and expose them based on whom they are, saying; it is not as if they will be taught something new.
But we want to ensure they use their knowledge to achieve the fight on corruption”.
He called on religious leaders to use their God given skills and tools, which are the Quran, hadith and the shari’a to speak authoritatively about corruption by reminding people so that the community will comprehend better the ills of the menace.
Speaking at the event, Imam Muhammad Ashafa, the CoDirector, Interfaith Mediation Centre of the Muslim-Christian Dialogue in Kaduna, said many scholars have at least followers ranging from a hundred to one thousand but that they fail to speak on the dangers of corruption.
He said: “The religious leaders who have large gatherings especially on Fridays need to be reawakened from their silence on issues regarding corruption.
They are not involved in the issue mainly because most of them think nothing can be done about the menace”, he expressed.

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