Nigeria @59 : Labour says insecurity discourages potential investors

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has called on government at all levels to tackle the security challenges in Nigeria, because according to them investors who may want to invest in country are running away. 

In an independence anniversary massage, the group said is worrisome that billions of naira that could be channeled into creating jobs are yearly budgeted for arms and ammunition. 

The massage which was signed by Comrades Quadri Olaleye and Musa Lawal added that insecurity and agitations in various forms is a major threat to lives and property. 

“Insecurity and various forms of agitations have become a major threat to lives and properties. It has even discouraged potential investors, especially foreigners. The billions of naira that should be invested to create jobs and build infrastructure are yearly budgeted for arms and ammunition, yet there appear to be no end in sight. 

“We are beginning to think that there are people feeding from our insecurity challenge. This must be investigated and culprits brought to book.  In the last 10 years according to report, Boko Haram sect have killed about 27, 000 civilians and 24 aid workers. We have a dire situation in our hand.

The war on agitations is arising from what some call marginalization. There is need for inclusiveness in governance. People should be given a sense of belonging. All the regions are still deficient in terms of basic infrastructure and therefore should be attended to.  

“No country can make any significant progress where there is absence of justice and equity. A united Nigeria can truly be stronger than European Union but a lot depends on the leadership”.

On the fight against  corruption and cost of governance, the labour leaders said government must be serious in fighting corruption and not closing eyes when our love once are involved. 

“The challenge before Nigeria is not necessarily that of lack of resources like I stated earlier, but of corruption at various levels. It is demoralizing that people in public service take advantage of their positions to enrich themselves and cronies. Corruption has put the country is a shameful state before the international community.

“It is our thinking that corrupts individuals or group should face the law when found guilty of misappropriation, irrespective of their party affiliation, religion or tribe. We make a mockery of ourselves before the world if we claim we are fighting corruption but close our eyes when our friends are involved. That cannot happen in China.

“We strongly call for a drastic reduction in the course of governance; which has only led to ostentatious lifestyle of politicians. Some lawmakers have been there since 1999 (20 years ago) yet they are still there, even though they have nothing in terms of ideas to bring to the table on how to fix the country”. 

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