Nigeria and speedy development

It baffles me when Nigerians brag about the fact that Nigeria is a developing country. 

Why not a developed country? It has been 60 years since Nigeria got her independence from Britain. Within these years, past and present have sacrificed and given a lot for the development of the country and its citizens. But there are more to be done for Nigeria to be a developed nation.

Nigeria is low in human development index, and the security of Nigeria is nothing to write home about. Nigeria’s unemployment rate is likely to increase in the coming years. Graduates make up about 2.9 million of total Nigerians that are unemployed. 

Nigeria’s oil sector has experienced too many problems, such as a fall in prices, which started in 1981. Even with the inception of the Structural Adjustment Programme, to deregulate Nigeria’s agricultural sector, and to eliminate price control, Nigeria is still lacking behind.

An African country like Algeria, which got her independence after Nigeria, is a developed country. Algeria has a high development index and has one of the largest economies on the continent. It also has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. In addition, it has one of the largest reserves of natural gas.

Until Nigeria has a high per capita income, an effective industrial base, guaranteed security and sectors, low unemployment rate, a higher level of export compared to imports, and a better standard of living, Nigeria will always be where it is. The aim to become a developed country will not be achieved.

Ezekiel Sunday,

Department of Mass ,

of Maiduguri

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