Nigeria At 55: Five things Nigerians have that other Africans are jealous of

If you’re Nigerian, you’d definitely appreciate this article and identify the truths in it. If you’re from other African countries however, you may consider this article biased which of course isn’t true! You may have heard a lot of Nigerians complain about corruption, security, health care and the economy of their country which generally puts Nigeria in negative light.

Despite the fact that Nigerians speak of their country in negative light on social media, you definitely don’t want to join in the bandwagon if you’re a foreigner as the “rundown- Nigeria” talk can quickly turn into a “rundown your country talk” as you will find out that Nigerians only allow fellow countrymen abuse their country.
Nigerians might have lots of issues with the way their country is run and even talk badly about their country but that doesn’t mean they do not see the positive sides or have hope that things would be better. And well, there are a couple of things other African countries wish they had that abounds among Nigerians. Our culture and way of life is one that transcends the length and breadth of the world which everyone can attest to.

Our Music
Nigerian music is definitely at the top in Africa and top three worldwide. Everyone knows this even though some may say we copy from other international acts. Nigerian music is so far gone that it can be heard being sang and danced to by people of various cultures of the world. We have our own indigenous genres ranging from Fuji, Juju, Apala and highlife and the recently created Afro Hip-Hop genre to mention a few.
Furthermore, we had international acclaimed music artists from the past including Fela who created the Afrobeats genre, King Sunny Ade who was ranked among the 100 best guitarists in the world, Haruna Ishola, Oliver de Coque and Majek Fashek. More recently, we have internationally acclaimed acts in Femi Anikulapo Kuti, Asa, Nneka, Tuface, Dbanj and PSquare. and MI who became recognized internationally.
If we are to go a step further, we can also claim acts like Seal, Sade Adu, Lamar, Chamillioniare and Taio Cruz who all have Nigerian ancestry.

Our Food
Well, whether you’re Nigerian, African, European or wherever else you may come from on earth, there’s simply nothing like Nigerian food. From Port Harcourt’s roasted yam and plantain to the Northern Tuwo Shinkafa and masara to Pounded yam that is eaten all around Nigeria, there’s simply nothing like Nigerian food.
A lot of Nigerians find it difficult to adapt to foreign food when they move outside the country which is why you find Nigerians at the airport travelling with almost all types of food items they can lay their hands on. There’s simply nothing like Eba, fufu, Amala and okro, Ogbono and vegetable soup to go with it.

Our Sense of Style
No one can actually take away the fashion sense of Nigerians. We have our own indigenous fabric in Ankara which we have been able to take to the international fashion stage. The Ankara material which has come to be called the “African print” has been adopted as a choice material by international Nigerian designers which has set them apart at fashion shows.
More so, if you really want to know how stylish Nigerians are, visit some of the numerous parties we are known for organising. Nigerian parties are more or less a struggle to see the most stylishly dressed just as it is in our everyday lives.

Our Mindset
Nigerians are naturally tenacious with a ‘never-say-die’ attitude. We are industrious, hard working, intelligent and have a positive view of life. The optimistic view Nigerians have towards life is second to none and that makes us successful at everything we do. We are naturally optimistic people.

Our Movies
Our movies are one of the reasons other Africans wish they were Nigerians. With Nollywood being the second largest movie producing outfit in the world and an endless list of world class movie stars Nigeria has produced, we definitely rank top of the jealous list. List of Nigerian international class acts include Chiwetel Ejiofor, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Bourne Identity) and Rotimi Akinosho (Power) to Omotola Jolade Ekeinde, Genevieve Nnaji and Ramsey Nouah.
We are Nigerians, hard working tenacious and the best at what we do. That’s why everyone wants to be like us! Happy Independence day!