Nigeria, best country in the world- Archbishop Archibong

Former Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Cross River state and founder of the Calabar-based Intercessors Bible Mission (IBM), Archbishop Archibong Archibong has warned against denigrating the integrity of the country with negative utterances and condemnations, saying the country remained the best in the world despite its challenges.

In a chat with our reporter in Calabar, Thursday, shortly after his Church’s ‘Open Heaven’ programme and which was also used to mark the country’s 60th independence anniversary, Archibishop Archibong said Nigerians should stop magnifying the country’s challenges but should learn to see its strides, successes and endowments, saying that Nigerians were using their tongues, through negative confessions, to destroy Nigeria.

“I used to criticize how things were in the country. One day, as I was praying, God told me to stop criticizing and speaking ill of Nigeria and instead to bless it and that I should begin to speak out what I wanted for Nigeria. The truth is that our words are powerful and could either build or destroy. God said in Numbers 14:28, ‘as you have spoken in my ears, so will I do to you’.

“In Genesis 1:1-4, the Bible says God created the heavens and the earth and that the earth was without form and that darkness covered the face of the earth. God did not look at the darkness, and did not confess it, He spoke only what he wanted to see and said ‘let there be light.’

“Today, as a prophet of God, I see things the way God sees things. God does not see Nigeria as a crooked and failed nation because he has blessed us with every good thing. Forget about the challenges that your eyes see, no nation is perfect, our country is our pride.

“In the midst of all the flaws in everyman and every situation, including the situation of Nigeria, there is a God who perfects and beautifies. I see Nigeria as the best among other nations. I see Nigeria coming out of all its challenges and reclaiming its glory.

“As a prophet, I declare to Nigeria that it will no more fail. Nigeria, you will begin the divine mandate of leading Africa and fulfilling your divine destiny in these last days,” he declared, but called on Nigerians, both leaders and followers, to recognize that God is the owner of the country, saying it does not take God anything to turn things around.

On what should be done to achieve actual greatness, the IBM founder said, “Our leaders must change their ways. They must turn to God and rid themselves of greed, selfishness and primitive acquisition. Ethnicity and corruption had been the cankerworm eating the country’s foundational fabrics and must stop. Nigerians, both leaders and followers, must recognize the supremacy of God as the creator and owner of Nigeria.”

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