Nigeria Communications Commission, wake up

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During the tenure of former Vice Chairman of the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), Ernest Ndukwe, he used to bring together telecommunication service providers and customers (that is stakeholders), at least every quarter, to listen to public complaints over poor network connections, high call rates etc.

At this forums, customers complaints were made known to service providers so they (service providers) could say publicly what they want to do to be more efficient, effective and less costly.

However, since Dr Eugene Juwah came on board, he has not been calling the stakeholders together on how to solve these problems. Now, we are troubled by poor network, no network, text messages not delivered but money deducted from customers, jammed network and other sundry problems.
In the last four to five weeks, there has been no network or less than twenty percent performance. People keep asking, is there no longer any supervision for service providers?

If Dr. Juwah is not up to the task the presidency or the supervising ministry should please relieve him of the burden and find another person to do it.

By Dr. A. A. Akinola,
Ojokoro, Lagos.

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