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Dr Usman Bugaje - Nigeria fast becoming a failed state – Bugaje

Nigeria fast becoming a failed state – Bugaje

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By AbdulRaheem Aodu, Kaduna

Former political adviser to ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo, Dr Usman Bugaje, has raised alarm that the Nigeria is heading towards becoming a failed state.

Dr. Bugaje, who spoke in Kaduna, drew his conclusion from the increasing waves of corruption, killings, insecurities and other social vices in the country.
Speaking at the launch of the Charter for Arewa Initiative for Good Governance in Kaduna at the weekend, Bugaje, who chaired the event, said Nigerians have not derived the desired dividends of democracy as the people have continued to wallow in abject poverty.
Also, he said the people are daily assailed by massive unemployment in addition to growing incidences of kidnapping and inadequate infrastructure, adding that the nation badly needs political salvation.
At inauguration of the Charter’s zonal offi cers, the group regretted that the emergence of the Buhari administration in 2015 has not brought the needed change, noting that the eff orts of some to eff ect the change appears to be a fruitless exercise.
Th e charter was read by a lecturer with the University of Abuja, Dr. Yima Sen in the presence of other leaders of the group including Chairman of Kaduna APC AKIDA, Mr. Tom Maiyashi, a political chieftain from Zamfara state, Dr. Kabiru Tsafe, former SSG in Plateau state, Chief Sylvanus Lot, and a female founding member of the group from Katsina state, Hajiya Amina Ladan Baki, among others.
Th e group alleged that the Buhari administration has failed to uplift the country rogue political culture, under development, entrenched poverty, corruption and systemic failure in spite of riding to power on the crest of fi ghting corruption.
“Th is rogue political culture has calibrated our leadership recruitment mechanism in our political system to produce inept and clueless leaders who only know how to swindle the electorate and loot their treasuries dry.
“All projections on this trajectory are indicating that we are heading to a failed state and a failed society as evident by the rising and horrifying social confl icts and violence.
Some studies by international analysts have been setting dates for our collapse as a nation.
Elaborating on the ills of the administration and its consequences, the charter noted that the country was fast degenerating and needs to be salvaged.
“We are determined to unite and organize to terminate these tragic, nay catastrophic self-affl ictions, and salvage our country from the brink of collapse and disaster by conducting a thorough problem analysis in order to chart a way forward.
“Precisely to create a formidable platform to engage and mobilize all those concerned about the future of our country and are ready to stand up for it; and to participate in this rescue mission that can fi rmly set Nigeria on the path of human security, prosperity and development,” the charter said stressing that the present democracy has not produced credible leaders.
Th e group claimed that rather than rise above its problems, Nigeria tends to be sinking further into abyss of underdevelopment, economy recession and political thuggery.
Accordingly, the group vowed to redirect its political energies to a source with the capacity to salvage the people from socio-political bondage.
“Now that our hope for rebirth after the heavily fought 2015 elections is yet to come to fruition, we must wake up from our slumber and complacency and salvage our society before it becomes too late.
“We commit ourselves to participate in this process of a political re-birth to move together into a carefully considered political platform to ensure that our political life is reformed to produce conscientious, competent and courageous leaders that will be guided by the fundamental principles of democracy, accountability and responsible leadership for the moral, social, political and economic development of our country,” it said in apparent indication that it would soon transit into a political party

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