Nigeria has surpassed fabricating inferior products- Iwu

Dr Rolland Iwu Amadi is an international inventor of over 58 years. He is the inventor of the popularly known ‘ Iwu Crystal Ceiling Board (ICCB),’. BINTA SHAMA reports.

The Ministry of Science and Technology received Dr. Amadi recently, to intimate the federal government on his pursuit so far in the innovative sector to national growth which has spanned over five decades.

Amadi said he started his  innovation as a small boy, and that he has always had the interest to see his fellow country men live in standard buildings where there won’t be fear of collapse because “Nigeria should by now surpass the level of constructing inferior products”.

The innovator

I started inventing stuff in 1961 as a small boy as a one- man staff, but later grew to 6 staff and up until now, the organisation is still growing. I have single-handedly encouraged my work without the support of any one nor the federal government, but only the support of the Almighty. My staff are working collectively and can produce without supervision and I have trained students that are working on their own as well.

As lecturer

Way back in the 70s, I lectured in several institutions like the Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) Enugu and also Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education in Imo State as an Arts instructor.

I produce out of passion and not for benefits even though money is a concrete reason why people work. I was prompted to produce to improve the state of living for Nigerians.

The invention

I have worked and produced three different inventions so far, but today, I am here to discuss the Iwu Crystal Ceiling Board (ICCB) which I started in 2001, that can never depreciate forever and I know that anyone who has purchased or will purchase it will most definitely appreciate my piece.

 Why it’s special

What makes it special is that it will never depreciate, whether in the sun or rain. Its’ availability is extraordinary, compared to the ones available in the market which are not durable and when used within few years you either change or it falls out like POP etc. and many others.

For my own invention, we use fibreglass and raisin as a good cost material which is costly and can be purchased N5,000 per gallon and to use such to produce boards will only produce very few in number.

We are situated in Owerri, Imo state and hope to grow around the nation and go beyond the shores of the country.

Reason for publicity

I am coming out now as a genius laurel of the nation and the only one in Africa. Due to my talent, I have been recognised internationally receiving awards and making my country proud. I have received awards in Australia, England where the Queen of England was involved, and America, as an achiever – e- international award.

Had this urge to come out with the invitation of the minister for presentation. I hoping to receive a grant via this avenue to develop more of my activities and to recognise me as an international innovator and use the crystal ceiling boards for national building and to help me train for security.

Intervention of federal government

On the other hand, the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu assured the inventor of the support of the invention by the federal government acknowledging his creative mind.

“The inventor has created a lot of things and have lived a life of creativity. He has worked relentlessly to be creative and make significant contribution to the government of our great nation.

“FMST is dedicated to encourage all Nigerians able to invent anything, any products and make improvements to any system, products and services that can help the productivity of our nation because we believe that this will be the best way to create jobs and support our dear nation and ourselves as well because the Administration is determined to keep working to ensure that those who want to work do so eventually,” he stated.

The told the inventor about the competitive programme organised by the ministry to encourage innovators.

“We have set up a committee that goes around the six geopolitical states and interview and examine all invention. We also have people outside the ministry whom are part of the team. To be able to determine the ones that need assistance. It has been in existence since 2007, to encourage Investors and it attracts grants which could help them afford the needful in the area of their interest.

“This is a major contribution to the housing industry because we will need to build houses for our people with concrete materials which would give us comfort and statistics just by what we can see here,” he added.

The minister called on the private sector to help the inventor to commercialise the Iwu’s research work by whether going into agreement to share profit or by buying the technology off him.

“In this vain, we desire our inventors to benefit from their labour because it is when they benefit that people can now get properly involved in it by doing profitable things.

“The objective of the Executive Order 5 is ensure that Nigeria professionals are put in the centre of the activities of the country and to give special reference to Nigeria,” he said.

Needed encouragement

The ministry patronised and encouraged the inventor’s work and advised him to continue to make positive change and add value so that the nation could recognise his creativity. “This is the best way both small businesses can grow into large enterprises to further input into the gross domestic product (GDP)”.

The inventor appealing to the federal government to recognise his work through the ministry and of science and technology

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