Nigeria unveils roadmap to tackle power sector challenges

The federal government has unveiled a road map geared towards resolving existing challenges in the power sector and expand capacity for Nigeria’s future power.

With the Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) representing the interest of Nigeria and Siemens representing the interest of Germany in this initiative.

The roadmap for Nigerian Electrification has been tailored to the country’s peculiar power sector needs with specific specific attention to priority projects in the sector.

Speaking at the signing of the implementation agreement with Siemens earlier this week, ohe Director General of BPE, Mr. Alex A. Okoh, disclosed that the Nigeria Electrification Roadmap is structured into 3 phases.

Head, Public Communications, Amina Tukur Othman, in a statement on Friday said that the first phase will focus on implementing projects that would greatly improve power supply in Nigeria within a short period of time.

The objectives are: to deliver an additional 2GW to the grid, to significantly reduce ATC&C losses, and to achieve improved grid stability and reliability.

The following phase will target bringing the system’s operational capacity to about 11G, while the third phase will involve increasing the system’s capacity to 25GW within the medium to long term planning period, with appropriate upgrades and expansions in generation, transmission and distribution.

Mr Okoh pointed out that to determine the measure of financial intervention and the mechanics for making funds available to implement the roadmap, the immediate step, post signing this agreement, is to commence detailed commercial negotiations with the Distribution Companies and the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN). 

The Bureau’s Director General expressed gratitude to President Muhammadu Buhari for his steadfast support and commitment to ensuring that efficient, stable, quality, reliable and affordable power is delivered to Nigerians.

He also appreciated German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the support of the German Government with regard to the Nigeria Electrification Roadmap.

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