Nigerian bikers hoist largest flag in Abuja


Some Nigerian bikers on the platform of The Rider’s Embassy (TRE) yesterday rode across the major streets in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to mark this year’s 57th independence, even as they hoisted the largest Nigerian flag in the seat of power.
The organisers said the largest Nigerian flag was hoisted to symbolise their belief in an undivided and one Nigeria.
Addressing newsmen before the hundreds of the bikers stormed the major streets, one of the leaders of the group, Abubakar Abdullahi, said the increases calls for division of the country from different angles were agitations from those fed up with the way things have been in the country.
According to Abdullahi, the injustice, neglect , inequalities , corruption, failed promises, longsuffering, very slow pace of development and the overall sense of frustration were responsible for the calls.
“As fellow Nigerians, we identity with many of the grievances. Indeed, Nigeria is not what we all wanted it to be. A lot of work need to be done and a lot of wrongs undone to get us there. But while we agree that these grievances are legitimate, we also believe some demands or solutions are not, and that include the division of Nigeria.
“To the contrary, we believe that a more united Nigeria is what we need, to be able to address these problems. This was the motivation behind coming up with this event,” Abdullahi said.
He reiterated that the country would be better as a united entity, saying, “we ride against hate, against injustice, against tyranny, corruption and we ride for peace , justice, development and for the unity of Nigeria.”

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