Nigerian Diaspora Youth Ambassador resolves dispute between Nigerians in Cyprus

The Nigerian Diaspora Youth Ambassador (NDYA), led by Comrade David Victor Alozie, wants to bring to the notice of the general public and the Nigerian community in North Cyprus that the dispute between three Nigerians, which caused so much shock earlier in the week, has been resolved.

Comrade Alozie in a communique, said the settlement was made possible by the body.

All three parties involved in the incident were invited to the police station in Lefkosa on Tuesday, along with their lawyers.

An agreement was reached to resolve the issue without further delay. All parties involved issued an apology to one other and promised not to escalate the issue.

They, along with their lawyers, also signed a note approving of the settlement.

The goods belonging to Mrs. Adeola were immediately returned to her.

The police also ordered that all clips of the incident posted online be taken down at once.

Below is a statement by the president of the Nigerian Diaspora Youth Ambassador, Comrade David Victor Alozie:

Names of the people having issues are: Jason Yelwa,  Queen -Victoria Harrison and Animesheun Abike Adeola.

Witnesses of the case in the police station are: Victoria’s lawyer: Advocole Aybegim Boslon and Adeola’s lawyer: AV Melis Turkkal.

Personalities that followed up the case and made sure it was resolved are Amb. Comr. David Victor Alozie (NDYA Ambassador and Comr. Ameh Samson Imaben (Deputy NDYA).

Agreements of the both parties are: Pulling down all they’ve said on every social media platform, staying miles away from one another and no more business partnership, while three of them apologized to one another for going to Adeola’s house without permission, others apologised too that they are sorry for beating her up.

Also, all Adeola’s luggage was collected from Victoria’s house and taken to Adeola’s house by the NDYA President and his deputy, with the two lawyers witnessing everything, Adeola’s missing outfit that got lost was found and given back to her, while everything they’ve said to themselves should be pulled down from social media.

The NDYA ambassador advised the Nigerian youths in TRNC and the entire diaspora to eschew any form of violence and continue to be good ambassadors of Nigeria.

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