‘Nigerian farmers don’t need inputs’

The provision of inputs to farmers under the current administration’s Growth Enhancement Scheme (GES) has been described as a waste of energy as Nigerian farmers are supposed to be able to source for inputs on their own.

The Managing Director of Thai farm international limited, Mr Louw Burger, stated this recently in Abuja during the stakeholders meeting on a bill for cassava and sorghum flour inclusion in wheat bread. Saying the farmers are not children that should be spoon fed.

“Honesty the Nigeria farmers don’t need inputs, they have ways of raising their own capital and with the means they have available to them they can produce.

They are not children that you have to give everything to go and start, they could do what they need to do, they are good farmers, they should source for inputs.

Burger who explained that his company produces about 40 to 50 tons of flours daily, and have four production team working three shift a day, said: “We have our own farm but today 90% of our activities comes from the farmers and they are organized by us as farmers community.

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