Nigerian youth and today’s politics

I want to use this opportunity to appeal to young politicians of our dear country to note that the political system will not develop unless all parts of the society are actively involved. 

If young people are disenfranchised or disengaged from the political processes, a significant portion of the Nigerian population will be adversely affected. Therefore, the youth must rise up and be actively involved in all aspects of the political processes in the country, particularly in the North.

Unfortunately, youths today have become politically backward, except in some circumstances. We have marginalised ourselves because we are materialistic. We don’t respect each other unless we’re in the same political arena. We always strive to take advantage of every opportunity to disgrace each other, irrespective of status or age. Consequently, we lack the voice to speak for the youths of today

Meanwhile, we have become a political machine to be used as political thugs, instead of participating or contesting for any political seat because of our bad attitude. We imbibe the habits of political godfatherism, whereby we do not see anything wrong; so long the crumbs fall from the master’s table, everything is fine.
Young politicians have become  meaningless in our society, unproductive elements in politics and even radical in behaviour due to how we have positioned ourselves. Our hope and wisdom are wasted in politics, giving it a priority as an only alternative for easy money making.
Nevertheless, youth active participation in politics is direly needed, as they have very significant roles to play in the social, political and economic development of the country.  

Thus, respecting and minding how we handle our personal lives on social media is highly essential.
It has also been observed that the contemporary youth have taken politics as a tool for their moral and religious degeneration. The have imbibed bad behaviours like dropping out of school and drug abuse making them political weapons of hooliganism.

I, therefore, urge the youth to shun politics of negativism and be a light for the older politicians. We should be the bride rather than the monster, because we’re the future generation.
Bappah Babangida Bakoshi,
T-Junction, Azare,Bauchi state[email protected]