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Nigerian Youths demand enabling business environment

Nigerian youths have called on the federal government to provide an enabling environment that can encourage youths into entrepreneurship, if the government is truly commited to end unemployment. ENE OSANG captures the thoughts of some youth human rights group which engaged on a peaceful protest recently.

Lamenting the continuous recycling of the nation’s resources by politicians, and the few high and mighty to the detriment of the poor masses the youths wants a genuine committment about tackling unemployment
The National Leader, Youths for Human Rights Mr. Ikechukwu Sylvanus,  while speaking exclusively to Blueprint called for a stop to the rewarding of older Nigerians who have legalised corruption and embezzlement of public resources.
”Why won’t politics continue to be a do or die affairs or a zero sum game in Nigeria? When I read that the federal government will spend a whopping #400 million on the purchase of vehicles for the nation’s former heads of government and thier deputies in 2017, former military leaders that violated the constitution by acquiring power illegally.

According to Ikechukwu who was also a Former Academic staff at the College of Education in Offa, Kwara state, the country cannot make any meaningful headway if tax payers money is continually squandered by the political class.
He maintained that the former leaders should account for their years in office, instead of being celebrated and rewarded by the federal government.

Adding that if tax payers money is continually squandered in this manner, especially in this period of recession, it will be difficult to attain meaningful development.
”At the state level it is not different as most former governors now receive pension and other entitilments. Also, traditional rulers are adequately taken care of for doing nothing, yet majority of the citizens are living in abject poverty on account of bad governance.
”if we continue to spend tax payers money in this manner especially in this recession period development will only be a mirage for us even with prayers and positive prophesies from men of God,” he said.

However,  he lauded the federal government commitments to alleviating youths from poverty, saying the recent payment of #5000 monthly stipend to the vulnerable and the employment of 200,000 youths in the first phase of the Npower scheme is commendable.
He urged Nigerians to criticize government constructively without hate or malice, adding that this is the better way of checkmating excesses in governance.

”in response to the plight of Nigerians the government, in spite of the economic recession has started the payment of #5000.00 stipend and has employed 200,000 youths in the Npower scheme. This is in addition to other social intervention measures that have been put in place by government to revamp the economy.
”instead of commending the efforts of the government, some Nigerians,  who desire that this government fails , cannot see anything good in what the government has done, even when they had earlier accused the government of not implementing its campaign promises,” he said.

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