‘Nigerians can now travel across 160 countries without visas’

Nigerians who wish to travel to Caribbean countries and parts of Europe have been provided with the opportunity to tour their dream countries with provision of “strong passport” which would not warrant the use of visas.

Winnington Citizens & Partners, a visa processing and citizenship acquisition agency, disclosed this at a media chat in Abuja Friday.

The Firm’s managing partner and chief executive officer, Mrs. Winnie Omojo Okoh, while unveiling the various packages available for processing, said the organisation, asides providing the opportunity for Nigerians to acquire second citizenship of their choice countries at ease, it also “provides a means of accessing business opportunities, education and health care services in other countries.”

Okoh said the Firm aws partnering five countries in the Caribbean to market their citizenship by investment for those who want to acquire second citizenship and “a strong passport that will take them up to 160 countries without using visas.”

“I have heard of many people that have missed business opportunities because they were not granted visas, but at least with this passport, they could access the countries. If you want to go to school abroad we can help you get admission and package you in a legal way then you go. You don’t have to go and become another thing in another man’s country.

“We also partner with five countries in the Caribbean to market their citizenship by investment for those who want to acquire second citizenship, a strong passport that will take you to up to 160 countries visa-free. Yours is just to buy a ticket and hop into the plane and avoid all the embassy’s problems. And this citizenship will give you access to good health care and good education for the children.

“Once you get this passport, it passes from generation to generation. It doesn’t terminate, except you are found wanting or found to be a criminal. Once it expires you renew it automatically you become a citizen of that particular country. With that passport you can settle in the UK also. You can stay in the UK without a visa,” she said.

While explaining the economic impact of the business on Nigerians, Mrs. Okoh said it would afford Nigerians who wished to study some professional courses in countries of their choice, to have access to education or do business of their choice, provided it is legitimate.

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