Nigerians losing confidence in the electoral process – TMG

The Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), has stated that Nigerians are increasingly losing confidence in the electoral system which it said was full of all forms of malpractices, manipulation, violence, commercialisation and privatisation of political parties and political offices for self-centred interest.

The newly elected TMG Chairman, Auwal Musa Rafsanjani who
said this in a press conference in Abuja Thursday said, “TMG recognises that Nigeria practises a party democracy, hence, political parties are the vehicle for political emergence in Nigeria and places importance on the quality of internal democracy within the political parties as they are the platforms upon which leaderships from the grassroots to the national level would emerge.”

According to him, because of this, TMG frowns at the current state of political parties in Nigeria with the lingering crisis suggesting an apparent lack of internal democracy, privatisation and commercialisation of political parties where god-fatherism holds absolute control of party structure.

“In ensuring intra-party accountability, TMG will be observing party conventions as part of our commitment to provide technical support to intra-party reforms and entrenchment of internal democracy.

Auwal Rafsanjani recalled that, from the 2019 general election, many Nigerians were still not well informed about the electoral processes in Nigeria.

“The leadership of TMG prioritises extensive voters’ education to ensure Nigerians understand electoral processes as well as their rights and consequences of succumbing to political manipulations from politicians and their agents. TMG will devote its time to educating Nigerians against manipulative practices such as vote-buying”, Rafsanjani said.

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