Nigerians should stop selling their votes

The Nigerian electorate now vote for money.
Some even use it as their source of income during election period.
They collect money, food items and other materials as bribe to vote for anybody contesting, not minding the credibility of the candidate.
The money given to people during election determines the party that will win the election.
Let us look at the just-concluded Ekiti state election, it was recorded that most of the electorate were given up to N10, 000 each as bribe.
Some even said it was an opportunity for them to make money. One of them said he did not know when he would get that kind of opportunity again.
Election in Nigeria has now become business for the poor.
People have forgotten their Right to Vote, they no longer have interest in free and fair election; they no longer have the interest of the country at heart; all they want now is to make money. This kind of attitude is not good for a developing country like Nigeria.
After collecting money and voting wrong people into office, we start blaming them for not performing to expectation.
We forgot that we sold our birthright for a token.
Nigerians should desist from this attitude.
They should be ready to exercise their rights accordingly.
They should stop selling their PVC.
Nigerians should look out for credible candidates to vote for.
All of us need to work together to make Nigeria great.
Yusuf Omobolanle, Lagos

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