Nigerians yearning for detribalised leader – Cleric

The founder of Everlasting Rock Ministry, Ohaukwu, in Ebonyi state, Evangelist Nwacho Divine Nwadiuto,   has said only detribalised statesman can rescue Nigeria from the present economic and socio political woes.

 He urged all Nigerians to look in the direction of God to rescue the country.

The cleric made the call Wednesday in Abuja while speaking on the state of the nation. He said Nigeria is now gasping for breath as the economic managers wobble from one policy misstep to the other. He added that Nigeria has a mountain of debts that has become unsustainable despite the posturing of our leaders.

He observed that the essential commodities such as fuel and food have risen drastically.

He added that unemployment in the country now is about 43% which implies that a large percentage of the population is unemployed. He said inflation rate is high and that an average Nigerian cannot afford the basic daily need of live among other economic indices. The cleric prays to God to rescue  the nation.

On the security situation in Nigeria, he said in 2014, Boko Haram was restricted to North Eastern part of the country but that now, they expanded their tentacles to the Northwest and North-central.

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