Nigeria’s Internet subscriptions drop 0.21% in June 2021

The Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) has reported a decrease in the number of internet subscriptions to 140.2 million in June from 140.5 million in May 2021, a 0.21% decline. The Internet subscription report released by the commission is a combination of Mobile (GSM), fixed wired line and Voice over internet protocol (Voip) technologies.

According to the industry report from NCC website, Mobile (GSM) dropped to 139,814,913 in June, compared to 140,132,128 in May; fixed-wired line increased to 12,188 from 12,158 and VoIP was 348,068 in June, when compared to 344,204 in May.

Also, broadband penetration had a slight increase to 39.97% in June, from 39.59% the previous month. Broadband subscription increased slightly to 76,289,063 from 75,569,442 of the previous month.

The country in January 2021 saw the highest penetration of 42.93% but has seen a slip in broadband, following recent government policy of linking National Identity number to SIM cards.

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