Nigeria’s leadership conundrum

The root definition of leadership is aggressively changing n the 21st century Nigeria. This can be solely understandable considering how it turns to oppose its inherited meaning in the journey of Nigerian leadership. It can be said that there’s nothing that strikes fear into the heart of any meaningful Nigerian citizen than the dreadful journey of our present leadership.

Leadership that is devoid any hindrance of progress can be said to be
the bedrock to developing the country. It’s sad to say that young children, middle-aged, and old personalities in Nigeria today are developing an appetite of becoming leaders despite their poor
understanding of what it means by leadership. That is, they conceptualide leadership as a place where one would come to enrich himself and his family, not an opportunity to rapidly develop a society or country.

If leadership is mentioned, it does not mean the leadership of the president, governors, local government chairmen, or any other political office holder, but the generality of leadership. That is, political leaders, religious leaders, and of any other position that one can be called a “leader”. Everyone is a leader in one way or the
other; you might be a leader in your house, if not in your school; you might be a leader in your association, if not in your company.

Towards this irksome menace that seems to fade away what it means by leadership in this “mysterious” country, it is of great significance to take cognisance that there must be something under the guise of leadership in this country that everybody sees and would strive tirelessly to become a leader despite lacking the qualities of a good leader.

Godfatherism can be mentioned as one amongst the leading factors that
aggrandised people of poor qualities think of becoming leaders. It’s now seen almost in every society that some leaders help their relatives and some members of their society alone. In straight-forward word, they give them jobs despite their less or no qualifications in that job. Having seen this, other people who do not have godfathers would strive to become leaders and do so to their family and society in every way.

Corruption is another deadly “pandemic” that has madly muddled with the flesh of Nigerian leaders and the citizens.

Many leaders in Nigeria today are corrupt in so many ways. A leader in Nigeria today would be the one contributing in strengthening the spine of indices igniting violence in a society, once he
receives huge amounts from those “monsterous” creatures who like crisis in the country. The benefits here, he will use the “huge amounts” in catering for his needs and those of his family. How can one who lives from hand to mouth not like to be a leader even if the country will be torn to pieces?

There’s the need for urgent attention to this factor that’s is trying to destroy our beloved country. We must be well prepared for the battle if we want to behold the gleaming mirror of Nigeria in our eyes.

Unless we discard godfatherism and corruption we cannot end bad
leadership and other menaces bedevilling this country. With that, good leadership and rapid progress and
development of this country will be achieved.

Salim Yakubu Akko,
Gombe, Gombe state

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