NiMet, US Earth Networks install lightening equipment in Nigeria Airports 

Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NiMet) in collaboration with the United States agency and global provider of weather intelligence, Earth Networks has launched the installation of early warning severe lightening equipment across Airports in Nigeria.

The Director General and Chief Executive Officer of NiMet,Prof. Mansur Bako Matazu, during the launch of equipment installation in Abuja explained that 

the installation of the equipment is combined with capacity building for NiMet officers, stressing that NiMet is not only getting equipment donation, but is also building capacity of its staff. 

He said the objective of the collaboration is to support the capacity of NiMet to further develop its service offerings/delivery through working together to deploy EN Stations in various locations that will contribute to the Nigeria Total Lightning and Mesoscale AWS Network (NTLMAN) and enable EN forecasting services (ENcast).

He said the collaboration would help enhance NiMet in preparing and interpreting government policy in the field of meteorology; and also  issuing weather (and climate) forecasts for safe operation of aircrafts, ocean going vessels and oil rigs and other socioeconomic sectors, including disaster risk reduction.

In his words “this cooperation means any industry affected by weather in Nigeria, including aviation, oil and gas, mining, and manufacturing, can now take advantage of the most technologically advanced severe weather alerts and data to promote safety and ease operational challenges caused by weather.”

The West African representative of the Earth Network, Mr Jean Blaise Ngamini further explained that the equipment would among others provide real time weather data and monitor large scale events such as thunderstorm lightening adding that the equipment will improve NIMET precision and timeliness in producing weather forcast especially for dangerous weather system especially at airport locations.

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