Nine questions for Salma Yakubu

AWAAL GATA poses nine question to a debut novelist, Salma Yakubu on her life and writing

How did you start writing?

I was a very good storyteller right from my childhood. I could forge stories, and children of my age or older would nod in interest. When it was time for stories, I was always the first to start. When I was in secondary school, I wrote stories about me and my grandma. So, coming to 2018, on a sunny afternoon, I started writing movie scripts. So far, I have four unspectulated screenplays. In 2019, after reading “Hoodlums” by Sumaila Umaisha, I decided I would write book too and I wrote my first ever book, “Behind the Moon”. That is how I started.

At the time you started, what were your short and long-time dreams?

At first, I wanted to write for myself, but now I want to go global with writing.

With your outputs so far, would you say you are on course to achieving your dreams?

Yes, I am on the right course, plus, I have got the right circle.

What inspired your book and what message do you want to pass through it?

My own story is my first inspiration. My books are inspired from real life experience. I want to open the eyes of people to see what is happening around them.

How much of a reader were you as a child and which writers and books groomed you in your formative years?

As a child, I loved reading English passages and fables, but growing up I stopped. I became more focused on science than Literature. But now, I am building my reading ability again. I read up to 30 books, if not more, in 2020.

Where do you want to see yourself as a writer few years from now?

I want to see myself at the top as a bestselling author and I am working towards achieving that.

Apart from writing, which other (artistic) ‘things’ do you do?

Singing is my hidden talent.

  1. What challenges have you been facing as a writer?

There are a lot of challenges, starting from writing the book itself, criticism, getting an editor and finding a publisher. it has not been easy, but I am pushing through.

What are you working on now and what should the world expect from you next?

I am working on a manuscript currently. The world should expect a mind-blowing tale.

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