NIPOST unions task management on operational vehicles, members’ welfare

The two in-house unions in Nigeria Postal service (NPODT) have asked the management to provide operational vehicles as well as ensure an improved welfare packages for staffs of the organisation.

The unions namely; Senior Staff Association of Statutory Corporations and Government Owned Companies (SASGOC), and National Union of Postal and Telecommunication Employees (NUPTE) have also appealed to Minister of Communications and Digital Economy Prof Isa Ali Pantami to save NIPOST from sinking and restore the organisation’s lost glory.

Speaking jointly at a media parley, Comrade Mshilizi S. Inusa and Comrade Buba Nehemaih, both presidents of SASGOC and NUPTE respectively, said they expected NIPOST management to without further delay; “Procure four (4) operational vehicles for movements of mail as agreed in the Communiqué reached with NIPOST Management on 21St December, 2020.

“Set up modalities on liquidating the payment owed Airliners, so that international mail movement can again be prompt and regular to forestall any form of molestation, harassment and arrest of our members at Post Offices nationwide. Review the NMR system with a view to ensuring prompt and regular mail movement between states across the country. This will no doubt improve NIPOST quality of service.

“NIPOST Management should make available the working tools/materials needed for productivity of our members. Management should as a matter of urgency pay all outstanding allowances owed staff. Management should take necessary measures in reversing the outsourced delivery of international registered items and small packets so as to boost revenue generation of NIPOST.

“It should be noted that NIPOST staff are the least paid amongst the committee of Federal Statutory corporations, hence the need for an urgent review of NIPOST Salary Structure.”

They further said: “As responsible Unions that have sworn to protect the interest of their members and promote the corporate objectives of the Organization, we have on several occasions engaged NIPOST Management on issues that will improve the viability of the Organization and restore NIPOST to its rightful place amongst Postal Administrations.

“The Unions had confronted Management with issues bothering on the operations of NIIPOST and the welfare of our members, but NIPOST Management over the years has reneged in their promises of addressing these issues.

“Some of the issues which have affected NIPOST operations and viability include: Lack of Operational Vehicles: NIPOST Management in recent years has failed to acquire Operational vehicles for the movement of mails from one location

to the other. This has greatly affected the quality of service of the Organization and has resulted in the molestation and arrest of our members by unhappy customers.

“In the same vein, delay in airlifting of outbound mails by Airliners is caused by the failure of NIPOST Management in meeting its financial obligations to the Airline Operators and has impacted negatively on the image of the Organization amongst postal administrations around the world.”

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