NIPOST unveils new N50 revenue stamp

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Minister of Communications & Digital Economy Dr Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami has unveiled a new N50 revenue stamp for the country in Abuja.

The new Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) Revenue Stamp is to be used “to authenticate businesses, transactions or any lawful agreements between institutions based on the Finance Act 2020.”

According to the minister, revenue to be generated will go into health, education and other social development projects. “It is not for NIPOST but Nigeria and it will contribute to making Nigeria a better place for us,” he said.

He reiterated government plans to unbundle NIPOST before the end of the year through.

“NIPOST was neglected before the coming of this administration without any transformation plan. We have many policies to unbundle NIPOST. We have a NIPOST property and development programme, we also have in the pipeline a courier service and NIPOST micro finance plan. These we will do, before the year ends.”

He urge the staff to do their best in upgrading NIPOST to an enviable height.

“We must come together to work together to make NIPOST work.”

In his welcome address, post master general of the federation Dr Ismail Adebayo Adewusi stated that NIPOST over the years has played strategic role in the socio-economic and political spectrum of Nigeria’s economy.

“From times past, few revenue stamps have been issued. The first Revenue-Only Stamps were consular stamps of the Niger Coast Protectorate and Southern Nigeria Protectorate.

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