NIS graduates commend FCT FA chairman for sponsorship

Coaches who have undergone the basic course at the National Institute for Sports (NIS) have expressed their gratitude for the sponsorship they received from FCT FA chairman Adam Mouktar Mohammed.
Mouktar Mohammed undertook the full sponsorship of 20 coaches from the FCT as well as many several others.
The NIS graduates presented a special portrait of the FCT football boss to show their appreciation.

“The chairman has empowered us because without his financial assistance many of us would not completed this course,” saluted one of the graduates, Justina Ochai.
“He has brought new hope to football in the FCT.”
“This has been a most rewarding experience for me personally,” added Peter Aliyu.
“And this was made possible by the FCT FA chairman.

“We hope to justify the confidence he has in us by now putting our new knowledge to good use.”

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