NLC, ILO sign pact on migration governance

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) have signed a collaborative agreement to advance migration governance issues in Nigeria.

Speaking at the United Nation building during the signing of the agreement, Director ILO Office for Nigeria, Ghana and Liberia, Venessa Phala said the collaboration would help trade union movement to ensure promotion of effective labour migration governance processes.

She said: “I am happy we are able to forged the partnership so that you can also implement specific interventions targeting workers and involving workers…making sure there is also a broader understanding on how we can improve your voice in issues regarding the promotion of effective labour migration governance processes.

“I know that there has been quiet a lot of implementation agreements that you would have been party to with the ILO. So you are aware of our own internal processes in terms of how we report and account and all the documentation that are necessary to submit so that you can be able to access the resources that have been made available as part of The process.

“So, I am sure that in compliance with our reporting procedures and requirements, it’s something that will be very easy, because you are already doing that with others.

“I know that, we had just signed agreements with ASIL-Africa on child labour. So the work you are already, you are reporting, so this should not be an issue.

“Again, in addition to the labour migration and child labour, we have collaborated on a number of occasions and now we are really participating also with the Convention 190 awareness and sensitization activities.

“With this implementation agreement, it is an opportunity to also build awareness and capacity of the Trade Union movement in the issue of labour migration, particularly also drawing in the participation of colleagues from the media, so that they also get to understand the new sense of the issues that we are dealing with; because they stand in a very important position to educate, to create awareness. So, the need to do so from a point of accurate information, and from the point of factual information about the work we are doing.

So your publication of the work you are doing is very important. I am sure that from your social media platforms and conventional media, there will a lot of updates of your work as and when you are implementing the different activities. And from our side, we really have ensure that the implementation as I said is in line with our processes and procedures, and lastly that we remain really available to continue to provide support towards effective implementation as I said is in line with our processes and procedures, and lastly that we remain really available to continue to provide support towards effective implementation of the agreement that we are all able to attain our stated objectives.

“I reiterate ILO’s collaboration and recognition of the NLC as a very instrumental partner of the ILO. So I hope you will be able to really report and create awareness in the work you are doing in Nigeria, sharing it with the affiliates in rest of the continent.”

Also speaking, NLC Acting General Secretary, Comrade Ismail Bello, said unions must stand in the defense of workers at all times.

He said: “The issue of migration concerns all. The last time there was xenophobia is South Africa, I told my colleagues that unions have a role to play. A worker any where is a worker. And where workers are hunted, the unions must stand against it.

“We are very much glad to be involved and we will take seriously like any of our routine beats. We will do our best. Already, we have gotten two good hands that will assist in this project. The first set of activity with our people in the media has already been scheduled to take place between 12th and 13th of October . We are committed to seeing the project through as partners with the ILO.”